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Re:Re: Ignoring session ids when distinguishing files

From: Stefan Seiz <TalkLists(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 15:31:18 GMT
On 22.02.2005 15:49 Uhr "Bill Moseley" <> wrote:

Hi Bill,
thanks for replying.

> Maybe you needed to add it to the call to pdfinfo, too.

AFAIK PDF Info doesn't need this. Meta Data of a PDF is not protected and
always accessible.

> Test from the command line to make sure it works with pdfinfo and
> pdftext, first.

I know for sure how it works on the command line with pdftotext. I do it all
the time with htdig.

The thing where i strugle is how to get this into:
    my $content = escapeXML( $self->run_pdftotext( $file, '-' ) );

As the -opw option must be passed before the file, I tried:
    $self->run_pdftotext( '-opw password', $file, '-' )
    $self->run_pdftotext( "-opw password $file", '-' )
i am not sure if either would be the correct syntax.


Stefan Seiz <>
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Received on Tue Feb 22 07:31:19 2005