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Re: Please fix badlinks

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 21 2005 - 18:12:08 GMT
On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 09:26:43AM -0800, Peter Ensch wrote:
> I love the SWISH-E website redesign but please fix the 
> links to search.cgi/swish.cgi on the documentation page.
> Both are returning 'forbidden: Permission denied'


Well, the hosting is free, so I can't complain.  But I like to make my
own httpd.conf files, truth be told.  I like nice, clean ten-line apache
config files.

The problem there is the server is globally for setup cgi scripts and the
reason those don't work is because they have .cgi in their name and
they are not executable.  Oops.

I set that directory with .htaccess to SetHandler default-content but
then they have .html files set up as x-server-parsed (globally!),
which any reasonable browser (other than IE) won't display.  People
using IE for developing sites are often clueless to content-type problems.

$ HEAD | grep Content-Type
Content-Type: text/x-server-parsed-html

I'm on the road right now and typing and driving is hard at the same
time.  I'll see if I can figure out what .htaccess settings will fix
it.  I tried overriding with Addtype for .html but that didn't work.
I'm open for suggestions, too, as I'd rather not be spending my
vacation time reading the apache docs.  Believe it or not.

Bill Moseley

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