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Re: Title of Word and Excel files as swishtitle?

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Mon Feb 21 2005 - 15:23:43 GMT
On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 07:00:39AM -0800, Scheermann Leonard wrote:
> > Could something similar work for Word and Excel files???
> > 
> > with kind regards
> > Leonard Scheermann
> I would like to display search results for word or excel files their title
> as swishtitle and not their file name.
> Is it possible? Unfortunately I'm not an expert in perl :-(

You don't need to be an expert.

Try running

  perldoc Spreadsheet::ParseExcel

to see what's available, then look at SWISH::Filters::XLtoHTML module.
Looks like what title is available is already part of the <title>

Bill Moseley

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