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Re: Website

From: Thomas Dowling <tdowling(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 13:54:50 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 10, 2005 at 08:18:58PM -0800, Peter Farmer wrote:
>>a few small rendering issues found so far : 
>>The font you are using for the "[List Archive]" label in the search page 
>>results appears to be a bit small when rendered on some browsers (almost 
>>unreadable on IE) .
> People still use IE?

People still smoke cigarettes, people still have unprotected sex, and 
people still use IE.  To the best of my knowledge, at least using IE is 
unlikely to kill you.

> ...I was thinking it looks too big on firefox, but
> the style sheet say 50%, so it might be too small.

I'd say a 50% font size is way too small.  Going just by my experience 
(we don' need no steenkin' usability tests!) most people have a default 
font size toward the smaller end of what they find readable.  In my own 
designs, most of my font size tweaking is between 90% and 120%, with 
some "small print" features at 85%.

Kudos to all involved on a very nice redesign, btw.  Someone already 
pointed out the <link> navigation; I look for that on sites and take it 
as a sign that the site builder's heart and head are in the right place. 
  And it's probably a big reason why the site looks good in Lynx, too!

Thomas Dowling
Received on Fri Feb 11 05:54:57 2005