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Re: Website

From: J Robinson <jrobinson852(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 04:06:54 GMT

I like the new site a lot. A few comments:

* it would be good to preserve some of the URLs so
that the many links into on the web didn't
all break.  

In particular, perhaps mod_speling (sic) could be used
to let old and very similar links like continue working (it's now
/download), and commonly-linked to pages like the old could be redirected to
the appropriate new locations.

* the fonts seem really small on OSX with firefox -
for me anyhow.

* Why put old versions of SWISH-E on ? Seems people
might download the wrong version by mistake. Perhaps
put non-current versions on their own page of
'previous releases'.

Again, the new site looks great ! Big improvement!


--- Bill Moseley <> wrote:

> Thanks to Peter Karman we have a new web site
> design!  Hope everyone
> gives it a whirl.
> I still need to refine the search -- figures that a
> site about a
> search engine would need the most work on the search
> page.
> And the plan is to integrate the list archive better
> with the site.
> Time permitting.
> I've only tested the site with lynx, so hopefully it
> works with other
> browsers.
> -- 
> Bill Moseley
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Received on Thu Feb 10 20:06:54 2005