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Question to José Manuel Ruiz! (-L option)

From: Gunnar Mätzler <maetzler(at)>
Date: Fri Jan 28 2005 - 10:10:57 GMT

I am using the swish-e version 2.4.3 with the btree backend, cause i have to
store the indexfiles on cd-rom sometimes. As i found out, the btree backend
is much faster from cd-rom when it comes to wildcard searching.

However i encountert a problem with the -L option (and the -s option).

What i found out is, that when i try to access the meta_entry->sorted_data
in create_lookup_array i get a series of zeros rather than the expected long

So i worked my way back through LoadSortedProps to
DB_ReadSortedIndex_Native. And thats were i get lost.

I have to admit, my knowledge of how btree's and hashtables are supposed to
work isn't really good.
So any help would be appriciated.

So here's my question. Is the -L option supposed to work with the btree
backend? If so, any hint what might be going wrong?

If not, is it possible to get it working? And any hint where to start?

Best regards

Gunnar Mätzler
Received on Fri Jan 28 02:11:06 2005