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Re: use meta description and body tag to create the swishdescription

From: intervolved none <intervolved(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 16:33:08 GMT
Thanks for the response.   
I tried all three ways but the "swishdescription" is only filled out if I have the meta description tag is defined.  If the page does not have one then the "swishdescription" is blank.   If the page has the meta description the "swishdescription" is made up of the meta description and the body.  That is fine.  If the page does not have a meta description then the "swishdescription" should be made up of what is in the body.

Any ideas?

Bill Moseley <> wrote:

On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 02:13:09PM -0800, intervolved none wrote:
> I am trying to index the site and have the swishdescription to be both the meta description field and text from the body tag.
> **************** example file : 1.html *******
> ..
> <-- this might or might exist in the pages. If it does include it and the description from parsing the body.

You spelled description wrong.

> I thought that the syntax was :
> PropertyNames swishdescription 
> PropertyNameAlias swishdescription description body <- description from the meta field and body from the body of the html doc.

I'd probably do it like:

DefaultContents HTML2
StoreDescription HTML2 
PropertyNameAlias swishdescription description

But you could do this, also:

PropertyNames description
PropertyNameAlias description body

Or maybe like you were trying:

But "swishdescription" is noramlly used with StoreDescription.

Bill Moseley

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