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Rebuilding libswish-e under win32?

From: Gunnar Mätzler <maetzler(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 15:47:58 GMT
Hello everybody,

i am trying to rebuild the libswish-e library version 2.4.3 on a win32

However i am running from one trouble to another. There seem to be some
files missing and so on.

Is it possible to get some kind of "build instructions"?

I am especially interested in information like:

How to get the complete source.
What compiler to use. Is it possible to build libswish-e with Visual Studio
6.0 or Visual Studio Net? Or do i need the gnu compiler?
Do i have to download other libraries (regex?) to be able to build the

Every bit of information would be highly apriciated!

Best regards

Gunnar Mätzler
Received on Wed Jan 12 07:47:58 2005