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Swishd and Cluster_mgr

From: Dave Seff <dseff(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 21:56:23 GMT

I haven't seen too much traffic lately on this mailing list so I don't
know if it is deprecated now. But here goes . . .

I have developed and client/server daemon that integrates with swish-e.
It is written in C and is very buggy and breaks easily, but it's a

The system has two major parts:

1. The swishd daemon. This listens on a TCP port (5000 is the default)
for connections from a client or the Cluster Manager, which I will get
to next. It takes XML formatted string as it's input. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><Document><Collection>Index to
search from</Collection><Query>Query String</Query></Document>

It returns and XML formatted output for it's result. 

2. The Cluster Manager. This will allow me to scale swish-e out to a
server farm if needed. The cluster_mgr connects to the swishd servers
and then starts a TCP listener (port 5500 for default). The clustermgr
then takes the same xml format as it's input and then decides which
server to farm it out to. It receives the results from the swishd
servers and collates the result to then send back to the client (This is
not implimented as of yet).  The network topology is shown as follows:


I have tarballs for submission but I don't know who to send them to.
Like I said, It's buggy and breaks a lot. So any suggestions and patches
are welcome. I am releasing it under the GPL. 

-Dave Seff
IT Manager 
Advisen Ltd.

Dave Seff <>
Received on Thu Dec 30 13:56:30 2004