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Re: Indexing pdf and doc

From: Smith, Sarah <sarah.smith(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 17:38:44 GMT
This is what finally worked for indexing pdfs (on Win 2000):
FileFilter .pdf '/"Program Files"/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/pdftotext.exe'
'"%p" -'
So I moved on to trying to index docs using the same format:
FileFilter .doc '/"Program Files"/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/catdoc.exe'
'-s8859-1 -d8859-1 "%p"'
But get the error:
Catdoc: no such file or directory
I checked and the file's there.... Any suggestions? The doc filefilter
is listed before the pdf one (just in case that matters).
Many many thanks,


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Looking at this again:

On Mon, Dec 20, 2004 at 10:07:07AM -0800, Smith, Sarah wrote:
> *FileFilter .pdf /Program Files/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/pdftotext.exe "%p 
> -"

Yes that should result in:

$ swish-e -c c -i T5420.pdf 
err: FileFilter: requires "extension" "filter" "[options]"


 FileFilter .pdf '/Program Files/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/pdftotext.exe' '%p

results in (on linux)

$ swish-e -c c -i T5420.pdf -v0
sh: /Program: No such file or directory

So, yes, you do need to sets of quotes, and around %p, too.

FileFilter .pdf '"/Program Files/SWISH-E/lib/swish-e/pdftotext.exe"'
'"%p -"'

If not on Windows swap those quotes so the shell sees single quotes.

And, no swish doesn't search for the program first, so you need to
specify the full path or have the program in your PATH.

Bill Moseley

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