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Can Swish-e returns what words it has searched in the "stem_en" index files ??

From: Prashant Badhe <prashantb(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 10:08:13 GMT
	Hi All,

		I am using Swish-e Ver. 2.4.0 with and without stemming of XML documents.

		I am using "stem_en" value for stemming.

		My problem is, when I search a word e.g. 'gravity', Swish-e returns me
docs with words 'gravity', 'gravitation', 		'gravitational',.... etc. Now, I
have to make those words display as highlighted. So I need to put some logic
to 		find out which words did Swish-e finds in the Stemmed Index file. This
is becoming very difficult.

		My question is: Is there any way by which Swish-e returns me along with
the properties what words are exactly 		searched for a given input word ?
[This is only for stemmed Index files]. If, yes, then I can highlight those
words in the results display.

		I know that there is a way by which I can get all words in my index file.
But, as my index file size is approx. 1
		GB, it returns me thousands of words. When I do search, can Swish-e give
me words that are searched along wit my 		other properties ??

		Thanks in advance.

	Prashant B.
Received on Fri Dec 17 02:08:24 2004