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Restricting following links on same server

From: Jason Watson [TomatoSource] <jase(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 23:58:10 GMT
I've installed and tested swish-e, looks great, well done!
One small issue I have however is that we're only meant to be using
swish-e for a sub-directory on a server, example:
However let's say there is a links page in /subdir/ which contains a
link to being the "parent" site. We only want swish-e to
work for however the link is followed as the
server is the same (although logically they are different organisations
sharing the same server url).
I've done a bit of reading in the discussions and found the check_links
function in, but my knowledge of Perl is a bit rusty so
wondering if somebody could offer up a code snippet that would reject
indexing any links outside of ?
In the interim I simply took the HREF out of the links page we had and
indexed, then put HREF back in afterwards - of course this won't do once
we start automating the indexing process.
Any help anybody could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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