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From: Kissman, Paul (BLC) <Paul.Kissman(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 14:42:15 GMT
I have just compiled and installed the swish_php library that can be
found at:
My web site moved from a perl/CGI-based environment to PHP a few months
ago, and I am trying to port over our dynamic content so that it
integrates better with our php-based templates.
The new library ( loads fine into my environment.
The instructions indicate that I should follow Swish::API as a model for
implementing searches using swish_php.
Though I have identifed all the functions in the module, I am having
some trouble creating the handle and executing a search.=20
Can anyone or provide a sample of a basic search using this module?  Or,
a list of the function syntax: (which functions return a value and what
arguments areexpected?)  This seem to diverge a bit from that of the
Swish::API module.
Thanks in advance

Paul J. Kissman
Library Information Systems Specialist
Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners
648 Beacon St.
Boston, MA  02215 or
617-267-9400 * 800-952-7403 (in-state)
Fax: 617-421-9833


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