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Re: making it go really fast

From: <PFinch(at)>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 00:30:02 GMT
Hi Brad,

I just went through a simliar process and I found you can get a huge
performance boost by removing "common" words from the index
by using the "IgnoreWords" option. Ofcourse, the only works with
some searches and some words, but it's a start...

For example I adding "the", "on" and "a" to the ingorelist and got the
following improvements in search times for the following simple queries.

SEARCH                        ALL WORDS   IGNOREWORDS
Selling on the internet       3.5 sec     0.07 sec
Tax on a bank account         2.8 sec     0.38 sec
Tax on selling a car for cash 3.4 sec     0.23 sec

I hope this helps.


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I am in the process of building gateways to swish from three different
company's clientside applications. Even though the clients are different,
they all seem to have the same criteria for thier stuff.

1. authenticate (no swish-e here)
2. get hits for a query
2. get resultset for query
3. get info for individual records.
4...5...6... (no swish-e here)

I have had no trouble building these functions, and they work well, but
I am trying to optimize as much as possible while still leaving in the
various index properties that i need. with this in mind, i am wondering
what advice the list can offer to speed up the searching side of things,
particularily using the SWISH::API module.

i am thinking of trying:

- reducing indexed docs number to be more specific to the client
- placing indexes in a memory based file system
- following any advice i get from here.


 Brad Miele
 Technology Director
 (866) 476-7862 x902

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Received on Mon Dec 13 16:30:02 2004