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RE: Using too much memory, or with -e failing out with too many f

From: Stewart, John <johns(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 21:42:21 GMT
Bill wrote:
> If it's the indexing of PDF files specifically (not just the number or
> size of your docs)  then it's not a problem with swish-e itself that's
> eating memory.

> How are you converting pdf to a format that swish-e can parse?  Swish
> can parse text, html, and xml.  All you are doing above is telling
> swish to index files that end in .html .txt .pdf .htm and .doc, but
> swish doesn't know how to index .pdf or .doc without using a filter of
> some type.

I've installed xpdf-3.00, with the 3.00pl1 patch.

> (Also NoContents .gif .jpg has no effect -- they are not included in
> your "IndexOnly" list of extensions to index.)

Aye, thanks. I had the NoContents in there originally when I was indexing
anything (i.e. not specifying the IndexOnly line).

Received on Thu Dec 9 13:42:22 2004