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Re: Working with SwishSetSearchLimit (or -L)

From: Tac Tacelosky <tac(at)>
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 15:23:12 GMT
In the ideal world, full-text and database searching would be tightly
integrated, and MySQL has done a pretty good job of doing that, but the
full-text search is not as fast or as strong as swish-e.

I suspect Gunnar is dealing with the same issue we are -- we don't want
to use both swish-e and the database, we just want to use one.
Particularly when dealing with millions of documents, it's very hard to
first do a full-text search, get all the results, then use those results
as a way to filter a database query.  

I thought that swish-e did have some sort of numerical filter though --
at least for dates?  Or am I thinking of something else?


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On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 03:28:51AM -0800, Gunnar Mätzler wrote:
> Hello again,
> since there is (for the time beeing) no "numerical" search in swish-e,

> i learned it should be possible to achive the same by using the -L 
> param or in my case SwishSetSearchLimit.
> However, what i am looking for is a way to get results like "All 
> companies with more than 150 employees".

That sure sounds like a database query, not a full-text search.  Are you
sure you are using the right tool for the job?

Bill Moseley

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