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Re: swished question

From: Michael Peters <mpeters(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 21:18:55 GMT
Aaron Bazar wrote:
> I have several indexes on a server. I send queries to that server from
> another server via an include statement in my PHP script. It basically
> includes the output of the swish-e API...
> <?php include "$query"; php?>
> where swish.cgi is basically a speedycgi-enabled version of the simple cgi
> script that is provided in the example directory.
> How is swished different from what I am doing? 

Because you are recieving the entire web page as generated by swish.cgi 
instead of having access to the returned results via the SWISH::API from 
a possible remote script. If I have access to the results I can do 
whatever I want with them, but if I only have access to the html page 
for a subset of the results that the swish.cgi is configured to give me 
then I'd first have to parse that page to get the results and then I 
would still have only have a subset... does that make sense? It would be 
like the difference between having access to a database or just access 
to a web page which shows some of the data in a table.

It combines the reasons for using SWISH::API over swish.cgi along with 
the ability to do it remotely or with several processes accesing the 
same information locally.

Michael Peters
Plus Three, LP
Received on Wed Dec 1 13:18:56 2004