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Greetings Swish-e developers

From: Dave Seff <dseff(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 02:37:19 GMT
Hi. My name is Dave. I am the IT Manager for Advisen Ltd.

We are planning a swish-e implementation on our back-end servers and
would like to collaborate with you. We have been planning some addition
features of swish-e that are essential to our buisiness and will gladly
contribute our code modifications back into the OSS project. 

Here are a list of features that we will be implimenting. Please feel
free to comment and make technical suggestions that I can use to guide
my developers:

1. Numeric range searching - We need a way to take numbers and figures
and search based on a numeric range. For example: I have an XML tag in
my documents that store the number of employees for 1.5 million
companies. Each company has XML documents with these figures. I would
like to search for those documents for the companies that have between
500 and 1000 employees. So We would need to add a <BETWEEN> tag in the
swish-e syntax. 

2. Search Daemon and scalability - We would like to be able to scale out
using multiple machines searching multiple collections (100+ Million
Docs). This would require making swish-e cluster-aware. 

As we start implimenting new features, Is this list the appropriate
forum to submit patches to or is there a designated person dealing with

Please let me know. 


-Dave Seff
IT Manager
Advisen Ltd. 
Received on Tue Nov 30 18:37:20 2004