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Re: Swish-E with incremental index building

From: Tilo Muetze <tmuetze(at)>
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 09:06:16 GMT
Hi Jordan,

Jordan Hayes wrote:
> Can you segregate the stuff that changes all the time from the stuff
> that doens't change so much?  If so, you can use multiple indexes and
> cut down on the indexing time; maybe look at the -ctime flag to find and
> see if that can make you a good subset (anything older than a week,
> index weekly; anything older than a day but less than a week, index once
> per day; less than a day, index hourly ... etc.)

Thats a nice idea, if we don't have success with the incremental index 
it's worth a test.

> /jordan

Received on Tue Nov 30 01:06:26 2004