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Re: MetaAlias quack quack

From: Peter Karman <karpet(at)>
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 03:33:35 GMT
I think your problem (other than mixing beer and computers -- why ruin a 
good beer with work?) is that you've defined 'subject' as an alias more 
than once. Three times in fact. So swish-e doesn't know which meta 
(main_ad, main_ed or main_ne) to assign the words to.

The idea with an alias is to let a *single* metaname be known by other 
names. You've duplicated the same aliases for different real metanames.

hope those words are small enough. :)

Brad Miele wrote on 11/13/04 8:30 PM:

> Hi,
> I am trying to get meta alias to work on an index of xml files, and, well,
> I am having some trouble. Granted, it's a Saturday night, and perhaps I
> shouldn't have let the amber glow of a finely crafted Maine microbrew
> tempt me to undertake this task, but I did.
> here is what I have in my conf:
> MetaNames main_ad main_ed main_ne
> UndefinedMetaTags auto
> The defined Metas do not exist, but will be used as aliases later.
> then for aliases:
> MetaNameAlias main_ad subject photographer keywords orig_id limitkeys
> MetaNameAlias main_ed subject photographer keywords orig_id limitkeys
> MetaNameAlias main_ne subject photographer keywords orig_id short_caption
> when i try to run the indexer i get:
> err: MetaNameAlias - name 'subject' is already a MetaName or MetaNameAlias
> and yes, it is a meta name, but i thought the point was to roll existing
> meta names into one.
> my goal is to be able to use subject=foo when i want, and main_ad=foo
> also.
> so i am sure that i am mising it, and if you reply tonight, keep it to
> small words, as i will be returning to the comfort of my beer for now.
> i guess if you reply tomorrow, do it it quietly.
> Brad
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Received on Sat Nov 13 19:33:39 2004