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Re: Local install of swish-e-2.4.1 on Linux

From: Roman Chyla <chyla(at)>
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 08:56:43 GMT
I would also be happy to see how to do it - I was in similar situation , I
know there is something in mail-list,  I also read your FAQ and install docs
but it was really hard to follow for Dos&Windows born non-programmer (ie.
shared libraries XOR static libraries, dependencies, troubles locating
installed libraries on the server - and also in my own machine:)

I also can compile swish-e on my machine (but would like to copy it to
server machine) perhaps, we could create another faq "receipt" from all your



> >You should be able to just supply a --prefix and it should all work
> >-- don't need to link statically.  Using a --prefix should pass -R to
> >the linker and store the library path in the binary.
> sorry, i've misunderstood my problem. i want to install swish-e on my web
> server to be able to use it in cgi scripts. but i'm not able to compile
> programs on the server, so i have to compile it on my workstation (which
> an almost identical setup to the server ) then try to upload the binaries.
> hence the problem with the linker putting absolute paths to the shared
> libraries, because the directory structure on the server is obviously
> different to that here.
> i know this isn't a problem specific to swish-e, but i'm having a hard
> finding an appropriate google search that doesn't just turn up thousands
> peoples dumps of the output from ./configure for various programs...
> tom
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Received on Fri Oct 29 01:56:43 2004