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Cmd Search OK, swish.cgi Search 0 results

From: Smith, Sarah <sarah.smith(at)>
Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 17:43:40 GMT
I can search fine from the command line, but when I go to search using
swish.cgi (or any other .cgi/.pl script), I get 0 results. (no errors,
and everything compiles, just no results). I checked the archives and no
one with this problem had a reply posted.

Here's my .swishcgi.conf that I use with swish.cgi:
return {
   swish_binary    => '/Program Files/SWISH-E',
   swish_index     => '/Data/webroot/cgi-bin/index.swish-e',
   title  => 'Search Intranet',


And for a different .cgi file:

# Absolute path and command to execute the Swish searcher

   $swish = "/Program Files/SWISH-E/swish-e"; #I've tried a number of
things on this line. The current format is how I search at the command
prompt from the directory where my index is: "\program
files\swish-e\swish-e" -w somequery

# URL of where you put this cgi

   $swishcgi = ""; 

# Optional parameters to pass to the Swish searcher

   $params = " "; 

# Absolute path and filename of your created Swish index file 

   $index1 = "/Path/to/cgi-bin/index.swish-e";  

#Here's where it supposedly searches. 
$count = 0; 
open(SWISH, "$swish -w $query -f index1"); # -m $results $search_tags -f
while (<SWISH>) 
  # First, check to see if search produced an error    
   if ($_ eq "err: no results") 
   {&search_error("<CENTER><FONT COLOR=RED SIZE=5><B>There were no items
that matched your search request.</B></FONT></CENTER>");} 

   if ($_ eq "err: could not open index file.</B></FONT>")
{&search_error("<CENTER><FONT COLOR=RED SIZE=5><B>Could not open Index
File $index1.</B></FONT></CENTER>");}     

   if ($_ eq "err: no search words specified")
{&search_error("<CENTER><FONT COLOR=RED SIZE=5><B>Please Enter at least
one Search Word.</B></FONT></CENTER>");} 

   if ($_ eq "err: a word is too common")  {&search_error("<CENTER><FONT
COLOR=RED SIZE=5><B>One of your search terms is too common, please try

# Next Line ignores lines that begin with a non-digit
  next if /^\D/; 
  push(@results, $_); 


Received on Mon Oct 18 10:44:35 2004