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Are you using a custom SWISH::FIlter?

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 18:59:40 GMT
I updated some of the code in SWISH::Filter to work a bit differently.
This effects how individual filter modules interface with

So, if you have any custom filters created for use with SWISH::Filter
you will need to update your filters for the next version of Swish.

Also, if you do have a custom filter then perhaps it could be included in
the distribution.

I've also been updating -- not as much as I'd like -- but I
added a few features.

For example, you can now test a content-type with SWISH::Filter to see
if it *would* try and filter it.  So, now does HEAD requests
to fetch the content type before actually fetching the document.

Before, would always use a GET request.  The GET request
could be aborted before downloading all the content, but that breaks
the existing keep-alive connection.

Another feature that will help with new users is the ability to modify
the default configuration of the spider instead of just being able to
override it.

Before: default <URL>

would automatically use SWISH::Filter for converting PDFs and MS Word
docs.  But if you use your own config: spider.config

then you had to arrange to use SWISH::Filter in spider.config if you
wanted to filter.  A bit confusing, so you can now merge spider.config
with the "default" config if you only want to change a few things from
the default config.

You can look at the dev docs if curious about the changes.

Bill Moseley

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