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Re: MetaNames - XML

From: Antonio Barrera <abarrera(at)not-real.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 15:18:47 GMT

Here are the search results using different MetaNames treatments.

Using specified MetaTags:
- MetaNames maintitle alttitle brief_description long_description keywords

[antonio@libserv4 antonio]$ swish-e -f az.xml.index -w "photoservices" -p
maintitle link description
# SWISH format: 2.4.2
# Search words: photoservices
# Removed stopwords: 
err: no results

Using unspecified MetaTags:
UndefinedMetaTags index

# SWISH format: 2.4.2
# Search words: photoservices
# Removed stopwords: 
# Number of hits: 1
# Search time: 0.000 seconds
# Run time: 0.025 seconds
1000 /home/antonio/az/143.xml "143.xml" 408 "Photoservices"
"" ""


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On Behalf Of Bill Moseley
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 9:57 AM
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Subject: [SWISH-E] Re: MetaNames - XML

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 06:40:30AM -0700, Antonio Barrera wrote:
> Problem occurs with the MetaNames, some of them are not being indexed.

I guess I'm not following what's not working.  Can you index using -T
indexed_words and point out what's missing?

I'm not that happy with how indexing XML works -- for example if you tell
swish to ignore a tag it ignores everything inside that tag even if you
specify a metaname or property.  Plus, should be able to ignore metatags and
properties separately.

Bill Moseley

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