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MetaNames - XML

From: Antonio Barrera <abarrera(at)not-real.Princeton.EDU>
Date: Fri Oct 01 2004 - 13:42:30 GMT
I'm using swish-e to index information from a mysql db.  In order to
accomplish this, I dump the records to evaluate into a bunch of xml files
which contain one record per file to index.

Xml file:

<record id='1'>
<maintitle>About the library</maintitle>
<keywords>history, map, campus, libraries, branches</keywords>

What I'd like to do is index only maintitle, alttile (none for this record),
description, longdescription and keywords.  However, I'm planning on
returning only maintitle, link, and description.

So my config looks like such:

MetaNames maintitle alttitle description longdescription keywords
PropertyNames maintitle alttitle description longdescription link 

Problem occurs with the MetaNames, some of them are not being indexed.  If I
comment out the MetaNames directive and instead use "UndefinedMetaTags
index", all the fields are indexed.  I wouldn't worry too much about this
problem in this particular application, because there are only one
extraneous field, which doesn't need to be indexed (link).  However, I have
a larger project, which will use a similar process, but have more non-index
meta tags.

Any ideas as to why some MetaNames are not indexed?

Antonio Barrera
Library Web Development Manager
Princeton University
Received on Fri Oct 1 06:42:49 2004