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Re: Running programs on Windows

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 20:22:21 GMT
On Wed, Sep 29, 2004 at 01:10:45PM -0700, Anthony Baratta wrote:
> I also found a code example using fork() here:

One problem I have with using the hacked fork on Windows is that
people need a very current version of Perl.  Maybe that's not too much
to ask.

> I hacked it with an outer loop to run the fork() more than 64 time, in 
> batches of 5. Seems to not blow up. But that does mean I understand it any 
> better. ;-)

You mean if you use:

   FORKER: for ( 1..100 )

it hangs?

David Fishburn tried a test script with IPC::Open3 and waidpid() on
WinXP and it didn't hang.  I'll send that script you you also.

> I hope this helps. I'm still reading on the Win32::Process::Create(), not 
> sure if it's any better than trying to use the windows pseudo fork function.

Ok, thanks.

Bill Moseley

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