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Re: "No SWISH filters found"?

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Sep 23 2004 - 03:22:57 GMT
On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 07:50:46PM -0700, Richard Morin wrote:
> The install problem was the result of my typing
>    % make install
> rather than (on this Solaris machine)
>    % gmake install
> Now, I _realize_ that the installation instructions
> say to use GNU tools, but they then go on to use
> "make" in the examples.  As did Bill when he sent
> me helpful email.  In short, I was being dumb, but
> I was also (unintentionally, to be sure) led in the
> wrong direction.
> Would it make sense to modify the examples to use
> gmake, throughout?  Would this break on any boxes?

moseley@laptop:~$ gmake
bash: gmake: command not found

I use "make" on Solaris.  Doesn't mean I have not had my very
frustrating moments on Solaris.

The point of using autoconf is to avoid these cross platform problems.
Can't expect things to work everywhere, but it should on Solaris.
The autoconf list would likely want to hear about this if it's really
an autoconf problem and not some configuration problem on your
machine.  It would take some time to figure out the problem is, I

Bill Moseley

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