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Re: Probably dumb newbie question.

From: Nic Gibson <nicg(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 06:03:11 GMT
Bill, thanks for the help.

Having had some sleep (very small babies are not recommended for 
sleep), I need to
apologise for giving some totally wrong information. On rereading the 
docs and looking
at what my client is reporting, I realise that a) SWISH-E is performing 
exactly as
advertised and b) it is not indexing href content, it is indexing the 
'label' of the anchor

	<a href='....'>Some Text Here</a>

The 'Some Text Here' is being indexed. I think this is almost certainly 

This leads to another question. Is there is a simple way to stop 
SWISH-E indexing this
content as it makes the results a little weird.  As an example, 
browsing to and entering 'Magnus' as the 
search string
in the dialog will bring back the appropriate article plus every page 
that links to it.

Is there a way to modify the indexing to avoid this effect?


nic gibson
Received on Thu Aug 26 23:03:44 2004