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Re: Disable query of Meta Tags

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 13:33:44 GMT
It's not clear to me from your post if you are using the default 
search.cgi script or not. Metatags are not used by default with swish-e, 
but the search.cgi script may use them (Bill would know). wrote on 8/25/04 8:09 AM:

> My ISP support is lacking and it takes months for them
> to reply.
> I'm please they were finally able to update the hosted
> first version of SWISH to lastest version of SWISH-E.
> In review of the search results, I feel the query
> provides meta tags results.  What do I need to do to
> disable the meta tags from the query?
> I've asked my ISP, but no support has been provided.
> Thank you

Peter Karman  651-605-9009
Received on Wed Aug 25 06:34:00 2004