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Re: maximum title of 63 characters?

From: Chris Bohn <cbohn(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 11 2004 - 16:19:50 GMT
You are absolutely right.  I had looked at the Hypermail HTML output before and
thought it was all fine because the subject that it shows when reading it is
correct (not truncated), but the *title* tag is in fact truncated at 63

<title>Exports: [Export] rrixerces_dll, rrixerces_imp, rrixerces_h_cmd </title>

If the spec suggests a title shouldn't be > 64 characters, what's
the best way to handle this with swish-e?  I don't know all the options well at
all, but maybe it is to use the meta name subject tag for just these Hypermail 
archive searches instead?

<meta name="Subject" content="[Export] rrixerces_dll, rrixerces_imp,
rrixerces_h_cmd 7_2" />

I'm not sure how to do it, but I think it can be done.  Does anyone have an 
example of something like this?  Also, I noticed actually 
replaces the title of the HTML output to the subject meta tag, so is that what 
most people do to get around this problem (and/or is there some other reason was made)?


Keith Ivey wrote:

> Chris Bohn wrote:
>>it turns out we are not using; we are just indexing the HTML 
>>that is generated from hypermail.  We don't have any problems that I know of 
>>other than this 63 character limit.
> It sounds like Hypermail may be truncating the subject when it creates 
> the TITLE tag.
> Some HTML-producing programs do that sort of thing, since the specs do 
> suggest
> the title shouldn't exceed 64 characters.
> If so, this has nothing to do with swish-e, which is simply indexing the 
> title it's given.
Received on Wed Aug 11 09:20:05 2004