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From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 21 2004 - 15:46:58 GMT
I have posted a new version of HTML::HiLiter to CPAN. Now version 0.09.

Included in this version is support for using the module without 
HTML::Parser, as for SWISH swishdescription highlighting in search 
results. It supports phrases, character entities, nested tags, etc. I 
have also included an example in the perldoc for using with SWISH::API.

One nice feature is that you can use the same module to highlight both 
search results and the original HTML doc, either via filesystem or 
http:// request.

If anyone ends up using it, I'd appreciate bug reports, etc.

Peter Karman - Software Publications Engineer - Cray Inc
phone: 651-605-9009 -
Received on Wed Jul 21 08:47:11 2004