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Re: New to SWISH-E (help with numeric search term)

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Jul 20 2004 - 22:20:37 GMT
On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 03:07:54PM -0700, MITCHELL TEIXEIRA wrote:
> For example, if I have the part number "2708" in my indexed document,
> shouldn't a search term of "27" produce a "hit" in my search results without
> having to add the wildcard character?

No.  If that was the case then there wouldn't be a need for the
wildcard character.

> If I have the word "bedding" in my
> indexed document, shouldn't a search request for "bed" find "bedding"?

Maybe, depending you are using a stemming module that stems "bedding"
to "bed".  Stemming is not truncation -- it's code that looks at words
and tries to decide upon a nice stem word for matching.  Stemming
doesn't work with numbers.

> Its not happening now, how can I make that happen?  I guess in SQL
> it would be SELECT * FROM SEARCHDB WHERE WORD LIKE '%2708%' or

Probably.  Swish has two indexes -- one hash-based which is used for
finding exact word matches, and another (slower, I might add) that
uses the first character as an index into an array of words (so bed*
looks in the "b" array and walks the words one-by-one looking for bed*
matching words).  There's currently no way to do *ing to find all
words that end in "ing".

Swish is really more of a full-text search engine.  Not a database.

> I am using a third-party shopping cart which uses Swish-E as its
> underlying search engine. About all I have access to modify is the
> indexing configuration file. I do not have access to the Java
> servlet which calls the Swish-E search engine and processes the
> search results. 

Then, as Peter suggested, maybe adjust the search to some standardized
form when you see them searching for a part number.

Bill Moseley

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