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New to SWISH-E (help with numeric search term)

Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 18:53:59 GMT
Hello to the list - I am new to SWISH-E and need a little hint/help with
making the search functionality better on my web site.  Customers on my site
can order by part number which may contain a alpha/numeric prefix. If they
search using the numeric portion of the part number only, then the correct
results are displayed by SWISH-E, but if they add the alpha prefix, no hits
are generated by SWISH-E.

 part number 2708 can be referenced simply by "2708" or "XY-2708", "XY2708",
"3P-2708", etc.  Searching with 2708 as the search term works, but searching
with the prefix blows it.

We have too many alpha prefixes to try to index them all with the numeric
portion.  I'd like a little help/hint on how to configure my SWISH-E or how
better to improve my indexing.  Reviewing the docs, I suspect what I want
has something to do with stemming, but I get the idea that may only work
with words?

Many thanks - 
Received on Mon Jul 19 11:54:17 2004