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how to display search results in a new window?

From: Dan Keller <swish(at)>
Date: Sun Jul 18 2004 - 22:38:44 GMT
Dear Swish Gurus --

Apologies in advance if the answer to this question is somewhere
in the doc or the discussion archive...  I haven't had any luck
finding it...

How can I configure Swish to display its search results in a new
browser window?  I'm using the swish.cgi script that came with
release 2.4.2.  I'd like it to generate its HTML output in a distinct
browser window the way an ordinary <a href=...> tag does when
you add a target="..." attribute.

Swish is a wonderful piece of software!

Dan Keller
San Francisco 
Received on Sun Jul 18 15:39:12 2004