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CGI Script Question

From: John Wentworth <john(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 20:25:59 GMT
I added your script where you suggested
and it is printing whenever the search fails but it's not printing the =
search term instead it prints this
no matches for query: CGI=3DHASH(0x92ae86c)
if you can tell me how to get the query terms instead of the CGI=3DHASH =
stuff I think I'll be set
thank you for your help

jeez, it must be friday afternoon...

if you do a print to STDERR, it'll show up in your web log:

if ( $search->hits ) {
$search->set_navigation; # sets links
} else {

print STDERR "no matches for query: $search->{q}\n";


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