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From: John Wentworth <john(at)>
Date: Fri Jul 16 2004 - 17:11:48 GMT
Thomas Dowling wrote:

>I basically like the contents of the swish.cgi script for search
>and I do not want to modify it alot but I would like to add one feature =
>I would like the drop the search terms and the result of the search =
into =3D
>a database to analyze what our customers are searching for
>I don't really know perl but I figure I should be able to hack =
something =3D
>together with some tutorials I found
>what I basically need to information as to which perl variables in this =
>script correspond to that information and where would be a good place =
to =3D
>insert this code since I'm having trouble following the code
> =20

I don't use swish.cgi myself, so apologies if I'm off base.  But if=20
swish.cgi uses HTTP GET requests, the search terms have probably in your =

web transaction log all along.  Log analysis software, a simple Perl=20
script, or grep could all fish them out for you without editing the CGI=20
script.  I'm guessing you're looking for lines that match something like =

"GET /somewhere/swish.cgi?query=3Dmy+search+terms....".

Thomas Dowling

This is a good suggestion however doesn't fully solve the problem =
because it doesn't record whether the search was successful or not. =
Which is why I thought I had to try to accomplish this in the cgi =

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