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Re: 2 000 dollars

From: Peter Karman <karman(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 14:10:53 GMT

Glad to hear of your success story.

Roman Chyla wrote on 07/15/2004 07:01 AM:

> 1.I am using v2.2 but the last visit to told me that there is
> *incremental indexing* in v.2.4 - do I need to be a devel to use it, is it
> for ordinary mortals?

2.4.2 is the latest released version, and I believe there is a windows 
version. Did you check the website?

2.4 IMO is a much better branch than 2.2 is.

> 3. a few days ago, you were talking about proximity searching - that it
> would not be too difficult to add it. This is an extremely useful feature
> for full-text retrieval, are you planning to do it?

I don't remember anyone saying it wasn't too difficult. But then, I have 
selective memory. :)

I think the issue is proximity-related *ranking* not searching. Which is 
on the short list of ranking features that we've discussed. I think the 
real issue is time: there seems to be a shortage amongst code-writers...

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