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A few newbie-questions ...

From: Volker <swish(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 15 2004 - 08:25:29 GMT

I am using  V 2.4.2 of swish-e and would be glad if you could help me to 
find answers for following questions:

Is it correct that if I want to add simply ONE file to a current index 
of 100MB I will have to index the new file and merge the two different 
indexes - resulting in examinizing the 100MB AND the new index (what can 
take a longer time)?

Concerning the "problem" described above one could read in the 
discussion archive and manual that it is recommended to search several 
indexes by help of the -f parameter.
So I really wonder why "*" is not supported when parsing the -f values? 
One cannot define -f index.* in order to define - f index.1 index.2 
index.3 ....

Every day I have to index up to 1000 new files. That means that after 10 
days I have 10 new index files I will have to define with -f to make 
swish-e using them.
A white pattern like "*" would make things much more easier.

Can the -N help me to index  c e r t a i n  files and add them to a 
current index?
The new data to add to a current index are retrieved from a mysql database.

I am using windows 98SE on my local machine.
In contrast to all possibilities mentioned in the manual and older 
postings (discussion list archive)

IndexDir c://php//php.exe
either IndexDir c://php//php.exe
IndexDir c:/php/php.exe
nor anything else does work. The pgp interpreterīs path is not 
recognized correctly.

Only setting the /to/php_path with help of the environment variable path 
under windows and defining
IndexDir php

does work.

Any idea why the recommended settings do not work?

swish-e -T INDEX_STOPWORDS -f index.file
never returns any result while swish-e -H 3 -f index.file shows up the 
stopwords too.
Any idea why the first command does not work?

And WHY is a list of stopwords stored in an index-file? For considering 
them when merging several index files?

When defining a stopword list by help of
IgnoreWords File: ....
and indexing files afterwards I never get any status message from 
swish-e that shows up how many stop words have been removed.
But the words ARE removed!

Thanks a lot for your help

Received on Thu Jul 15 01:26:01 2004