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Setting up and running Swish-e on Windows NT box

From: <Bill.Hansard(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 14 2004 - 13:19:53 GMT

I have been lurking on this discussion group for some time and have been
unable to get any tips that help me yet.  I sent a mail to this list almost
a year ago asking for help, but got a response to "read the documents". I
am wondering if there isn't maybe someone out there willing to help me with

Just a little background : I have been a "hardware guy" for a number of
years and have never gotten into programming. When I read the documents, I
really can't make much sense of them because I immediately get lost in some
of the language used in them.  I DO NOT understand most of the things that
the documents say to do.  It seems that most of the documents are written
with the assumption that everyone is using the source code and compiling
the software or are using some kind of UNIX box.

I have gotten the swish-e windows binary installed on a windows NT box
along with the latest PERL.  I can't make sense of the documents to get the
config file working or make the front end for an IIS based web page that I
have made in Frontpage2000.  Additionally, I want to spider the entire
FAA's website (which is MASSIVE) and create a "google like" search engine
for the FAA's intranet.

I'm afraid that I'm just a BIG DUMMY when it comes to programming, but I
want very much to learn how to make this work.  Could someone out there

 Lake Charles ATC Tower                  
 Support Specialist / LAN Administrator  
 Certified Professional Controller       
Received on Wed Jul 14 06:20:17 2004