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Swish-E Consultant Wanted

From: Gray M. Strickland <gray.strickland(at)>
Date: Sun Jul 04 2004 - 21:04:21 GMT
Please forgive me if this post is inappropriate for the list.

I would like to find a paid programmer to setup a SWISH-E search site
for my intranet. The developed program would run on a server running
Windows 2000 Advanced Server or one running Windows Server 2003. I need
it to index documents on one server. This would be strictly for in-house
intranet use. The content to be indexed is 95% MS Word documents and the
rest are MS Excel spreadsheets, Acrobat PDFs, plain ascii files and a
bit of html. We have (or can install) MS IIS on either server. The 2000
A.S. machine already has three internal websites running under IIS (all
ASP.NET applications). The 2003 machine does not have IIS or any web
applications. It would be sufficient for our needs if the indexing were
only updated once per 24 hours. That is, if documents created or
modified today won't index until tonight, and therefore not be
searchable until tomorrow, it would satisfy our needs. We don't need
real-time index creation. 

We're aware of some commercial alternatives and for about a $Grand, we
can buy something off the shelf which will meet our needs just fine. By
posting this message on this forum, I am merely hoping to find a less
expensive alternative. I know that Swish-E is free, but a consultant's
time is not. Forgive me if I'm being nave to think that a consultant
could set something up -- and remotely at that -- for less cost than
just buying a commercial indexer.

I don't pretend to be a programmer. I understand the big picture, but
can't write much more than a medium-sized Word macro. If someone wrote
the code, I could install it (probably). 

Again, I apologize if this message is considered inappropriate for the
forum. Anyone interested in helping for hire, email me directly, please.

Gray M. Strickland
The Strickland Law Firm, P.C.
320 South Boston Avenue, Suite 1107
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-4700
918-584-3744 / 877-228-3744 office
918-584-3745 / 866-228-3745 fax
918-688-3745 / 877-511-2744 cell
Received on Sun Jul 4 14:04:43 2004