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Re: Funky, unknown errors

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Sat Jul 03 2004 - 02:01:52 GMT
On Fri, 2004-07-02 at 08:16 -0700, Alan Ivey wrote:
> Forgive me, but I'm not familiar with how to do this.
> I understand what the different encoding types are,
> but as far as changing them, I'm not sure how to do
> that. The time I saw it most occur was for a simple
> hyphen. Would that be a problem on my end or on the
> website's box?

It would be a problem where you are creating the index.  Some versions
of Perl have problems with characters on UTF-8 systems.  What Linux
distribution are you on?

$ echo $LANG

You can set the LANG variable to whatever you need in the command line:
  LANG=en_US ./

Or you can set it before you run a series of commands:
  export LANG
  swish-e -c config

 David Norris
  ICQ - 412039
Received on Fri Jul 2 19:02:16 2004