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Re: how to do manual suggestions (best bets) in swish-e?

From: Eric Lease Morgan <emorgan(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 17:44:59 GMT
On Jul 1, 2004, at 12:28 PM, wrote:

>>>> I want to recommend SWISH-E to a client but they need this feature
>>>> and might be willing to pay for it.
> Does this really require work in the search engine?  It strikes me as 
> an
> application-level project.  Search once in a set of
> sponsored/promoted/featured links and once in the site-wide database.
> Or does this need to work from a prepackaged script like swish.cgi?

I concur. I think the best bets feature is best implemented not in the 
swish-e application nor the library, but at the application/CGI level. 
Here is one way to implement it:

   1. examine log files to see what people search for often
   2. identify links you want people to see when they search for those 
   3. as queries come in from the CGI script, but before they go to 
swish, look to see whether or not the query is closely associated with 
common searches and links you want people to see
   4. execute the query
   5. retrieve the results
   6. combine the results with the items in Step #2
   7. display

This sort of functionality may be well suited for a companion Perl 
module for swish. I have been exploring a couple of other 
functionalities such as a Did You Mean? service a la Google and a query 
suggestion program to make searches smarter. Try:

All of these things could be combined into a module called 

Received on Thu Jul 1 10:49:01 2004