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Unknown error from swish.cgi

From: Peter Bisset <pbisset(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 02:55:44 GMT
I have managed to get swish.cgi going on a laptop running XP with a single partition - it all works, although it was a struggle understanding the configuration requirements.

I then tried to install it on a win2k server with two partitions. Swish-e works fine from the command line. I installed swish-e to d:/program files/swish-e. However, the same swish.cgi file copied from the laptop gives no results. The only difference between the two swish.cgi files is the drive letter pointing to the swish-e binary and the path to the index file.

I used the same swish config file on both machines to build the index.

I have tried debugging as suggested using SWISH_DEBUG and it has this to say:

---- Swish parameters ----
$VAR1 = {
          '-b' => '1',
          '-m' => 1,
          '-f' => 'd:/docroot/ato/ato-docs.idx',
          '-H' => 9,
          '-w' => 'swishdefault=(machine)',
          '-x' => '<swishreccount>\\t<swishtitle>\\t<swishdescription>\\t<swishl
astmodified fmt=\'%d-%m-%Y\'>\\t<swishdocsize>\\t<swishdocpath>\\t<swishrank>\\n

The system cannot find the file specified.
swish.cgi: no results

I think it has something to do with the arguments to -x but don't know for sure.

Can anyone help me please. I know I am doing something wrong, but cannot find out what.

Peter Bisset
Ph. 3247 8553 (94553)
Fax 3247 8598 (94598)
Business Systems Unit
Department of Emergency Services

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Received on Fri Jun 18 02:55:53 2004