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swish-e and rebooting

From: Weir James K Contr ASC/ENOI <James.Weir(at)>
Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 14:36:21 GMT
Hello fellow Swish-e-er

I am having a consistent problem with swish-e. whenever I reboot the server I have to reinstall swish-e. 

I am running swish-e from a windows 2000 server with 2 966MHZ processors with 2.0 GB of ram and 90 GB of drive space  
I am running 2.4.2 of swish-e

When I first run swish-e after rebooting this is the error I get. 
swish-search.exe - Application Error : The instruction at "0x00000052" referenced memory at "0x00000052". The memory could not be "read".
Next step is to remove Zlib.dll from the winnt/system32 folder 
Then reinstall swish-e and everything works until I reboot again.

Has anyone else seen this problem and if so do you have a solution to the problem?

Thank you for your time 

Jim "ZZ" Weir 

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