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RE: search.cgi updates

From: Rob de Santos AFANA <rdesantos(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 22:47:32 GMT
> So, I'm wondering if the script is too simple, or if it's 
> good the way it currently is:
> 1) Should I pull out the template from the __DATA__ section 
> and place the template in a separate file -- or possibly a 
> few template files so a site's layout/design can be more 
> easily included?  If the script runs under SpeedyCGI or 
> mod_perl then the template needs be in a separate file.

I'd prefer it in a separate file.  It makes understanding the code
easier from my perspective and allows a user to change the template and
leave the "code" alone.
> 2) The script doesn't include many features like being able 
> to limit searches by meta names or select sort order.  Are 
> those features common enough that they should be included?  I 
> don't want it to be a drop-in replacement for swish.cgi -- 
> it's suppose to be just a skeleton used as a starting point 
> for programmers -- but I can see providing a few extra 
> features might be nice.

Some additional features to take advantage of the core functionality of
Swish-e make sense but no more than that.  So, the idea to add search by
meta names and select sort order are reasonable. 

> 3) swish.cgi has two example templates (for use with HTML::Template
and Template-
> Toolkit).  One is named swish.tmpl (for HTML::Template) but the other
is named 
> (for Template-Toolkit).  That's unfortunate naming since it
would seem 
> like would work with search.cgi, which it doesn't.
> So, see any reason why shouldn't be renamed to  
> It could cause some grief for anyone using in the default
> location, especially if was used for #1 above.  But, I
wonder if it won't 
> cause more confusion for those trying to use search.cgi when first
starting out.

I think it would much easier to understand if the naming scheme was
consistent.  I'd much prefer it was named


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