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Re: libswish_e_la_LDFLAGS correct?

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Jun 01 2004 - 06:20:30 GMT
On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 05:01:56PM -0700, Greg Fenton wrote:
> I was just looking at the output from my latest build.  I see that one
> of the libs created is
> Should this be ?  Does this make sense?

Good question.

The short answer is that the library version represents the version of
the library's interface.  So Swish-e 2.4.2 might include bug fixes and
other changes from 2.4.1 but the library interface didn't change.
Programs that linked against the library in 2.4.1 will still work if
linked against the 2.4.2 version of the library.  So, the library's
interface version isn't suppose to match the program's release number.

A slightly longer discussion might be found at:

Although that might have us update the library version number more
often.  It's been a while since I read that, and I'm not sure how clear
it all was to me back when I did read it.  There was a previous swish-e
library (in archive format only), so when I first implemented libtool to
manage building the shared libraries I just picked 2.0.0.

I've actually been thinking about the library version lately because the 
C library was updated to provide access to metanames and property names.
So, its interface has changed.  I'm not sure if the library should now
be 3.0.0 or 2.1.0.  What's your reading of section 6.3?

Bill Moseley
Received on Mon May 31 23:20:30 2004