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different results: swish.cgi, search.cgi

From: <Deepesh_Banerji(at)>
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 19:32:07 GMT
Good afternoon,

I am using one swish-e index to index my webstite. I was previously using
swish.cgi (the big cgi file uses forking and builds a .exe command) to
obtain my result set to display on a web page. Recently, I have created a
new search page using the Swish-e API, called search.cgi.

Now, I know that the index is independent of the search pages, and that it
keeps track of ranking, metnames, etc inside the index.

Howver, when i run even a simple query on both of the search pages, I get
different results. Even the rank I obtain from the index file, which is
passed to the webpage, are different for the 2 seach pages. As well, the 2
queries usually dont return the exact same number of matches all the tiem.

Just wondering if anyone has run into a similar problem, or if theres a
simple solution to this?

Received on Wed May 26 12:32:07 2004