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wvare DOC -> HTML filter

From: Job, James <JJob(at)not-real.ESD.WA.GOV>
Date: Sun May 23 2004 - 03:33:46 GMT
Here is what it took (on Win2003 Server using SWISH-E 2.4.2):

1.  Download & Install "Complete package, except sources" (setup) from (2mb- Jan 2004).
2.  Add "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin" to your system PATH.
3.  Create in c:\swish-e\lib\swish-e\perl\SWISH\filters\ as
follows (a quickly hacked

package SWISH::Filters::Doc2html;
use vars qw/ @ISA $VERSION /;

$VERSION = '0.01';
@ISA = ('SWISH::Filter');
sub new {
    my ( $pack, %params ) = @_;

    my $self = bless {
        name => $params{name} || $pack,
    }, $pack;

    # check for helpers
    for my $prog ( qw/ wvware / ) {
        my $path = $self->find_binary( $prog );
        unless ( $path ) {
            $self->mywarn("Can not use Filter $pack -- need to install
        $self->{$prog} = $path;

    return $self;


sub name { $_->{name} || 'unknown' };

sub filter {
    my ( $self, $filter) = @_;

    # Do we care about this document?
    return unless $filter->content_type =~

    # We need a file name to pass to the wvware program
    my $file = $filter->fetch_filename;
    # Grab output from running program
    my $content = $filter->run_program( $self->{"wvware"}, "-1", "$file" );
    return unless $content;

    # update the document's content type
    $filter->set_content_type( 'text/html' );

    # return the document
    return \$content;


=head1 NAME

SWISH::Filters::Doc2html - Perl extension for filtering MSWord documents
with Swish-e


This is a plug-in module that uses the "wvware" program to convert MS Word
to HTML for indexing by Swish-e.  "wvware" can be downloaded from:

The program "wvware" must be installed and in your PATH before running
This has been tested only under Win32- binary package from

=head1 SEE ALSO


Test it on an unsuspecting .DOC file using the swish-filter-test script
(with "-content" option).
Note the "-1" command line option.  This prevents the WVWARE program from
creating WMF files in your system.

Wvware seems real good at translating .doc to HTML (or XML with options).
After using it at the command line (redirecting output to doc.htm), I was
impressed with the test docs I threw at it.

James Job, MCSE, MCP+I
Washington State Employment Security Department

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Received on Sat May 22 20:33:48 2004