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one silly but happy user

From: Roman Chyla <>
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 07:11:16 GMT
hi all, 

I am a happy swish-e user from Central Europe (Czechia) and I
would like to send you a big big Thankyou. I like swish-e very

Recently, I have done something with swish-e and for beginners it
might be useful. Your search engine is packed into xitami
webserver, together with perl, and with Autoswish (now slightly
updated) and with filters (I am not very proud about them:)

as I said, it may be useful for beginning users - to see that
swish-e does something and to be curious about how to do it

if you find it useful, please, place a link at your site

(any bug report is welcomed)
again, thanks for your good and friendly work and have a nice

Received on Thu May 13 00:11:17 2004