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Re: SWISH-E Ideas

From: Markus Peter <warp(at)>
Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 09:44:28 GMT
--On Montag, 10. Mai 2004 20:55 Uhr -0500 David L Norris 
<> wrote:

> As you say, you can store a flag externally to mark deleted items.  The
> front-end could check if the item still exists before adding it to the
> results.  This complicates the front-end slightly but it works great if
> well implemented.

Well, it works well until paging comes into play if you want to have a 
consistent interface. If deleted items are not added to the results I have 
to query more items from SWISH than I actually need or re-query it if my 
frontend notices it has too few items to fill up a page. I could of course 
just mark hits as deleted in the frontend but still display them, but the 
UI that gives me.....

> And you don't have to worry about index corruption
> caused by continuously modifications.  (Nor the file locking and atomic
> operation concerns this raises.)

Well, index corruption should not be a problem if the change is well 
restricted to fixed size properties. File locking problems would happen 
with a frontend-only solution, too.

>> 2) Modifying the ranking dynamically
>> It would be nice if a property could be assigned via the config file
>> which  influences the ranking of a document.
> Something like MetaNamesRank?
> The docs claim this is not supported.  However, the docs are incorrect.

Not quite. I intend to give chosen documents a bonus or malus. Bill Mosely 
understood what I meant, I think (didn't find it in the archives by the 
way, but I just browsed over the last few weeks).

Markus Peter - SPiN AG
Received on Tue May 11 02:44:30 2004